With very few exceptions, all of our stationery is printed in our studio by hand with an attention to detail that frequently involves a jewelers lens and the dying art of the perfect wax seal.

Every piece of stationery is thoughtfully designed, carefully printed, and finished to our exceedingly high standards. We want your paper to be a tangible keepsake of moments that are meant to cherished and to ensure that every guest on your list CAN'T WAIT to come to your party!

Don’t send just an invitation – send an experience!

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         ELCOME TO Curious Fox Press. We are so excited for the opportunity to introduce ourselves!

We are a small, boutique design and letterpress print studio that specializes in creating paper magic. We are a family of artisans and storytellers who blend visual and tactile elements into statement making stationery for life’s important moments. 
We are designers. We are printers. What makes us different is that we put your personality and story to paper from concept to completion. We do not rely on large commercial print warehouses whose primary focus is on speed and the bottom line.

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A Fond Welcome From

artisan  storyteller

Meet The Curious Fox



"Our stationery is printed in our studio by hand, with an attention to detail that frequently involves jewelers lenses & the dying art of the perfect

- Cathleen

Wax Seal

We love paper. We love special gatherings. We love antique machinery.

If you’ve arrived here, you are probably already in love with the look and feel that can only be had with a piece of letterpress stationery.

You're in good company.

This same love love of letterpress has drawn us to spend our days creating and sharing this timeless craft.  We print each piece of stationary by hand using one of our antique presses, hand mixed inks, and hand cut fine papers. You’ll notice we use the words “by hand” quite a lot. That is because the creation of letterpress goods is a labor of love with the goal of awe inspiring papers that capture the senses and ensure your recipient has a swoon worthy moment.

Curious Fox Press is a husband and wife duo with a passion for beautiful design and a love of typography, fine stationery, velvet ribbons, and understated elegance. Our studio is nestled in the rolling foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. We look forward to sharing in your story through custom design and printing.

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A husband     Wife Team

By Hand

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A portion of our sales are used to support the Child Life Program   at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital   in Memphis, TN.  While not the most geographically local hospital to us, we are a part of the Le Bonheur family as our daughter with complex medical and special needs receives amazing care and support there. We have often been humbled by our experiences as part of their hospital family. From the support staff to the world class doctors and everyone in between, it is an amazing place where each and every person gives themselves wholly in caring for every child who comes through their doors. In particular, Child Life is very near and dear to our hearts as they are often unknown and unsung heroes of hospital life for children and families like us.  We refer to them as equal parts developmental/mental health experts and family advocates with a dash of Mary Poppins on the side. It makes our hearts happy to know that we are putting our personal experiences to good use and hopefully making another child's hospital experience better!


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